Codename: Anthrax
Real Name: Twain, Gary
Aliases: Abaddon
Identity: Only known by government
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Central City, Nebraska
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Education: High School

History: Gary Twain was a typical Midwestern farm boy, raised in a conservative, protestant home, with strong American values. His graduation came near the end of the Cold war, leaving Gary with the choice to serve his God or his country. After making his decision, he packed his GI duffle bag, boarded a plane, a left for Communist China.

Although religious freedoms in China had greatly increased, most government officials still frowned upon Christianity. The limitations set by the Chinese left Gary beside himself, feeling helpless in his quest to spread the message of Christ. His persistence finally landed him in the hands of Chinese officials. Refusing to quit preaching or leave the country, he was imprisoned in a Chinese work camp.

A Chinese scientist, Dr. Agon, was given permission to resurrect the failed post World War II Chinese super soldier project. Agon needed test subject and the government granted him access to prisoners. He randomly chose
subject after subject, naming each project after biological weapons. His first successful subject was Anthrax, formerly known as Gary Twain.

Dr. Agon performed a series surgeries including biomechanical limbs and neurological and retinal implants as well as performing rigorous psychological and neural testing to alter the subjects memory and thoughts,
hoping to create a mindless, programmable soldier. Anthrax was also subjected to many rounds of genetic enhancements to increase strength and endurance.

Although Anthrax survived all the procedures performed on him, Dr. Agon felt that the project was ultimately a failure. Regardless of what he could do, Agon never seemed to be able to rid Anthrax of his former life. Memories and emotions would come back, confusing the new soldier and causing him to breakdown mentally and physically. Dr. Agon realized that the only way to successfully create a super soldier was to genetically engineer them through cloning. Anthrax was abandoned by Agon, and left to die with the countless others who died at Agon's hands.

Anthrax managed to survive and slowly began recovering from the mental and psychological testing. All alone, he began to pray, not really knowing to whom or for what. Somehow, Anthrax was found by a small group of
missionaries who took him in. They arranged for Anthrax to be flown back to the United States. Thinking his hell was over, the country he had once wanted to serve begin doing research and testing on him, trying to learn what Dr. Agon had done and into what capacity. Without Dr. Agon, Anthrax's highly advanced cybernetic systems began to fail. Unaware what to do, the military scientists studying him contacted Meph, a mysterious character who can fix any mechanical or electrical device by touching it.

Meph helped repair Anthrax cybernetic systems and also played a major role in advancing the systems he currently is equipped with. Meph ask Anthrax to join him, but he refused. Anthrax then left out on his own, taking on mercenary jobs to help further his search for the man who took away his life.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 280 lbs
Eyes: Blue (organic), green (artificial)
Hair: Brown

Abilities: Genetically enhanced strength and endurance, cybernetically
enhanced arm, brain, and eyes.

Equipment: Arm mounted .38 caliber minigun, .45 caliber Desert Eagle, twin rocket launcher, concussion grenades, dynamite sticks, night vision and thermal retinal implants, and Bluetooth neural implants (which can communicate with arm mounted attachments).

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