Code Name: Stealth
Real Name: Kevin Curry
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Independent-Study Researcher with ChemTronics.
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Known Relatives: Wife Cassandra, Daughter Casey
Group Affilitation: None
Education: Multiple Degrees in numerous fields ranging from electrical engineering to materials research to gene transfer and therapy.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 186lbs
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black

Abilities: He is a brilliant research scientist, with an avid interest in subjects spanning the entire Natural world. He has improved his wife's vampire serum work and refined it considerably, and works towards relief from his and Casey's side effects to her serum. He suffers from partial vampirisim. He is vulnerable to all the traditional vulnerabilities of a vampire, such as daylight and garlic oils.

History: Cassandra Curry was the inheritor of her father's bio/pharma company; but witness to his and her mom's murder by a desperate starving vampire that had snuck into the lab to feed on the blood samples.

She eventually went on to become a vampire hunter herself, as Nocturne. She also went on to marry Kevin and have a daughter Casey. Both of whom were ignorant of Cassandra's double life.

Since Cassandra focuses specifically on eradicating Vampires, she only has a few cases per year, and is rarely gone longer than 2 weeks at a time. Cassandra covers her trips with having a professional lecture tour on occasion.

However, a Vampire Lord named Marek Gyorgy Antal had put a tail on Nocturne and discovered her identity. While she was returning home from a movie with her husband and daughter, a horde of vampires attacked them all. Thanks to Nocturne's abilities, while her husband and daughter were both bitten by a vampire; they did escape as she taunted all the vampires to converge on her. Nocturne got dragged off to her fate, to become the vampire lord's bride.

Cassandra managed to hit her emergency transponder in her belt. Her contingency plan goes into action; and a FedEx courier shortly thereafter delivers an information packet to Kevin. In the package is a dvd containing everything they need to know about what's likely to have happened to her, and confirmation of her life as Nocturne. They gain access to Cassandra's private library, in a hidden room in her familial mansion.

In Cassandra's lab is an experimental anti-toxin she'd been developing, intended to immunize against and possibly cure vampirism. To prevent vampiric infection and eventual transmutation from the bites they'd received, Kevin adminstered the dosage recommended in Cassandra's dvd to both himself and Casey.

Unfortunately, in his haste Keven neglected to mix the two reactive compounds. He injected himself with the Part 1 mixture and his daughter with the Part 2 mixture. As such, Casey has been cured of all the negative aspects of vampirism; such as the vulnerability to raw sunlight, especially UV frequencies. However, Kevin has been cured of all the 'postivie' aspects of vampirism, such as the added speed and strength. Kevin now has been cured of all the abilities he would have had as a vampire, but he still suffers their weaknesses. He's still vulnerable to sunlight and silver, yet enjoys none of the 'positive' benefits of vampirism like unvulnerability or increased strength or transmogrification. Fate is a cruel mistress.

Having lost 3 days while the cure was burning through him; they donned spare Nocturne costumes, and they go searching for Cassandra. Kevins wears the Stealth Armor Nocturne powersuit. It is conveniently large enough to fit him; and also completely encases him from sunlight. Casey wears an outfit her mother wore at her age, as a teen sleuth practicing her skills.

ChemTronics stock has plummetted as Kevin's neglect and inaptitude to busniess concerns take second priority to his quest for his wife and a cure for his and his daughter's conditions.

Their search has been fruitless for the past 6 months; but tonight Stealth and Sleuth finally track her down, only to discover she's been turned to a vampire herself and has been chosen by her Vampire Sire Marek to be his latest wife.

It's not known how old he is; but it's presumed he's at least as old as the American Civil War. He alleges to have been a direct spawn of Vlad Tepes, Dracula himself; but this is most likely a boastful lie. Every generation or so he moves to a new city and sets himself up with a new cabal, some times by choice and some times not.

Equipment: Kevin wears the Nocturne Stealth Armor suit. It has 100% invisibility to mechanical detection, allows powered jumps, increases strength to Class 30, and provides complete UV protection for him during daylight hours.

Vehicle: The Nebula Impaler is Nocturne's 'flying assault sarcophagus' It enables her to sleep in her native soil as vampires must, while keeping in constant movement in pursuit of her vampire enemies and away from her family. During the day hours, she often ascends to several thousand feet and simply floats above the clouds, protected from attack by other vampires by being awash in sunlight. It has twin UV-lasers, and can discharge a black fog that both blocks the infrared vision of vampires and burns on contact due to the garlic oils it contains.

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