Codename: Torn
Real Name: Adam Clarkson
Aliases: The Mind, Body, and Soul
Identity: Publicly Known
Occupation: Private Detective
Citizenship: U.S.
Place of Birth: Hartford CT, USA
Known Relatives: Father and wife
Group Affiliation: N/A
Education: High School, Police Academy

Height: 5' 8" (normal), 7' 8" (The Body), 3'3" (The Mind), 5'11" (The Soul)
Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown

Abilities: Capable of either superhuman physical athleticism, super intelligence, or the embodiment of the human soul with telepathy, flight, and apparition abilities

Equipment: N/A

History: Adam Clarkson grew up wanting to be a cop just like his father. Once on the force though, he saw first hand corruption and in fighting that forever changed his view of the profession. He quit and opened up his own private detective agency where he could use his intuition and knowledge to help people without being trapped in a broken system.

In this role he met his wife Janie who is an investigative reporter for Channel 4 News. In fact, he discovered his powers while trying to save her. An armed man tried to hold her hostage and The Body tore his way out of Adam and clobbered the guy, leaving behind a puddle of dissolving goo. In time, he discovered he could turn himself into the Mind and the Soul as well, depending on what his inner most desire was. Several of the world's leading doctors and scientists, including the Mind, have tried to figure out how and why he is capable of doing this transformation and no one knows.

The Mind has an IQ score of 240. He has earned several doctorate degrees in physics, mathematics, and medical science. He also holds the patents to several inventions including a synthetic material capable of expanding and retracting that he used to make pants that all of them could wear. Some would say he is snobby and elitest. Once he gets his mind wrapped around something there is no tearing him away from it.

The Body is a huge muscle bond freak. He is capable of lifting a metric ton, running a 4.1 40 yard dash, 2 minute mile, and is of Olympic gymnastics caliber. Unfortunately he is also a jerk. He's heavily driven by his id, giving over to his hormones and natural instincts. He never thinks before he speaks or acts.

The Soul is a pure apparition. He can fly, move through solid objects, and has telepathy and moderate telekinesis. However, his biggest limitations are that he can't speak out loud and he can't physically touch anything. He sees in a spectrum of heavenly light that includes auras and ghosts or demons here on earth.

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