Colton Hauser knew he wanted to be just like his father when he grew up. He is everything anybody that knew his Dad expected him to be. Colton was the youngest person ever recruited for the GI Joe team, whom tried to get him to enlist the day of his high school graduation, though Colton would have none of it, instead joining the US Army and serving around the world for many years. He wanted to earn his spot on the team like every other soldier, not have it handed to him based on his last name, which helped him gain the respect of the current Joe team.

Now entering his first full year on the team, Colton has the dubious task of living up to his Uncle's expectations, his Father's Legacy, and the name of the man on which the team was first founded on.

I did some minor dremeling around the belt area to get rid of the pre-scuplted pouches Dusty had, then rebuilt them a bit with Green Stuff in order to get the Belt to sit where I wanted it to.
Gave Colton red hair instead of Duke's blond so it did not look like Duke.. maybe he got that red hair from his mother? You just never know.

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