File name: Condon, Mark L.
Birthplace: De Witt, IA
Grade: E-7
MOS: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Mark Condon grew up hearing his uncle tell stories of his service as a Green Beret in Vietnam. Inspired and intrigued by these tales, Mark enlisted straight out of high school. His sights set on following his uncle's footsteps.

Due to his dogged persistence pursuing his career goals, as well as the opposite sex, Mark earned the name "Hound" during basic training. He graduated top of his class in Advanced Infantry Training, U.S. Army Language School, and Airborne School.

Before being tapped for GI Joe, Hound was a member of the 7th Special Forces Group and cut his teeth conducting operations in Afghanistan. He excelled in forming bonds with village populations and seemed to have an innate understanding of Afghan culture and customs.

A genuinely likable fellow, with a compassionate heart, he firmly believes that his highest duty is to protect life, even if that means taking someone else's.

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