Shadowcat (Kageneku)

File name: Jesso, Midori S.
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Specialty: Intelligence/Covert operations

Midori Jesso is the daughter of Kimi Arashikage and Kyle Jesso, the former GI Joe team-members: Jinx and Budo, respectively. Presented her first practice swords at age five, Midori began her training in martial arts. She grew up learning the diametric teachings of her parents traditions, trying to incorporate the best of both into her own Bushido code.

Dori did a four year stint in the Army after graduating High School, but found the lack of combat opportunities stifling for one with her abilities. After leaving the military, she spent time with her "Uncle," the Silent Master before he passed away, further honing her skills. Dori eventually re-joined her parents in their freelance bounty hunter/bail bondsman operation.

This brought her into contact with her parent's old team-mate and current leader of the GI Joe team, Col. Falcon. He has since recruited Midori as an independent operative.

Though not an "official" member of GI Joe, Dori serves as a valuable asset to the team.

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