After being soundly defeated by Sgt. Slaughter in their first encounter, Golobulus realized that millenia of genetic engineering was no match for good old USMC training. Escaping the crumbling ruins of Cobra La, he made his way to his local recruiter and enlisted (using a special loophole in the recruitment laws that would not allow him to be denied due to the fact that the USMC was far below quota on the "Men with snake tails" minority group). Golobulus now understands the motivation of the fight for freedom, and the fact that having bugs crawling all over the place (no matter how well trained) is a BAD thing. He scored so well in his training that he was immediately brought into the G.I. Joe Team.

From the flies of General Hawk:

"Oh my god, you have to be friggin kidding me. That's it, I quit."

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