Metal Head
Metal Head

File Name: Hubert Smith
Primary Military Speciality: Tank Buster
Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

The man who has become known as Metal-Head has been affiliated with different groups throughout the years, but one alliance remains strong...Destro. Whether it was the compassion Destro showed to him as a young man or the threat of Destro revealing his past ("Have you forgotten all those choice tidbits I know about your past?" G.I. Joe #14 pg.12). After serving as Cobra's main weapons supplier, Destro realized that his past had tarnished his family name. This forced Destro to return honor back to his family by living life as a mercenary. When James Destro, as he now wants to be called, severed his ties with Cobra his first call went to his most loyal soldier...Metal-Head. Now working for James Destro and the G.I. Joe team, Metal-Head finally has a chance to forget his past and start his life over at the very place in which his twisted past began.

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