Psyche Out
Psyche Out

Having captured Dr. Mindbender in a raid on the Cobra Headquarters in New York, Psyche Out got special permission from General Hawk to do an in depth analysis of the prisoner, not only to uncover Mindbender's vast knowledge of all things Cobra, but also to complete his master work on the "true nature of evil".

For 11 days without food or sleep, Psyche Out grilled Mindbender, trying to crack the evil genius' vast psychological defenses. On the 12th day, Mindbender offered him a trade.

"If you tell me about your vone single greatest regret, I vill tell you my story."

Psyche Out, weakened by the lack of food and sleep told him honestly of a time that he had developed a complex psychological operation to remove a rebelling civilian population that was making occupation of a key position by American forces difficult. The campaign involved providing the population with disinformation about his own side, so believable and horrible that it enraged the population of the small town into attacking the occupying American forces (the rebellion had previously been limited to peaceful demonstration) . Every man, woman and child that attacked were cut down by the well armed and trained Americans, who knew nothing of the campaign. By forcing them to attack, the pentagon dispatched an awkward situation while saving face on the world stage. It was considered a picture perfect Black Psychological Op, and he was awarded officer status, and a position on the G.I. Joe team, in exchange for his silence. He broke down and told Mindbender of the faces, the voices that haunted him whenever he closed his eyes.

"I zee." Mindbender said, "And vat would you do to never feel zat pain again? I vill tell you my story."

Mindbender proceeded to tell him about the life of a kind Dentist working in suburban Seattle, with a quiet family practice. His love was working with children, and was even nicknamed "Dr. Peanut" by the children who made up the bulk of his happy clients. One day, his happy life changed. One of his children had a reaction to the anesthetic gas used in a routine dental surgery. The child died, in his arms, without ever waking. Cleared of any wrongdoing, the guilt that the man felt forced him to leave his private practice, and turn his life to researching new ways to fight pain, that didn't involve the use of gas or drugs.

After a full year of experimentation, the dentist found a previously unknown way to affect the mind using an electronic wave generator. This took the patient beyond the ability to feel pain. Attempting the procedure on himself, he found that the machine not only managed to remove any physical pain, but it also did something much better for the doctor: it removed his ability to feel the pain of regret for killing his patient. It removed all the guilt that he had ever felt, and the feelings of restraint that he had about living within society's rules. It gave him a freedom that he had never felt before, and taught him that while physical pain was transitory, mental anguish was the pain that lasted forever, and the he must purge it from his mind to ever feel "good" again. With some refinement, the "brainwave scanner" was fine tuned to completely remove the pain of regret. This enabled him to do great and terrible things, without subjecting himself to the lingering pain of guilt.

"I vas finally free!" Mindbender said "And I could offer zat gift to you if you help me to escape."

Desperate to be free of the pain of his regret, Psyche Out helped Mindbender to escape. Finding the Brainwave scanner, Psyche Out set it to the highest level, and eradicated not only the guilty memories that he experienced, but also his ability to feel guilt or regret. He understood that he was now beyond a psychopath, beyond a sociopath, he was free of human morality. He was, in all ways that mattered, a God.

He unlashed himself from the machine, and, as an afterthought, shot Mindbender in the head. He felt no gratitude to him, nor could he feel guilt with his passing. He was beyond such petty things.

Psyche Out now resides at Cobra Commanders right hand, in Mindbender's former place. Cobra affords him more chances to decide who lives or dies, and that amuses him for the moment. Perhaps one day he will kill the Commander as well, and take Cobra for himself.

Time will tell, as a man with no regrets is a man without limits.

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