Scrap Iron

Scrap-Iron has been a member of Cobra since it first gained prominence in the early 80's. He came up through the ranks of Destro's MARS corporation , and earned the trust of Cobra Commander. While still serving Cobra , Scrap-Iron filled his down time working on projects for MARS. However Scrap-Iron felt Destro was taking all the credit for his work. Still Scrap-Iron remained loyal to the end. When Cobra apparently fell in 1994 , Scrap-Iron was one of the few members of the hierarchy to be captured. He gave the Joes all the information on Cobra weapons in exchange for a chance to prove his worth and to strike back against Cobra and in particular , Destro. Since the reamurgence of Cobra , Scrap-Iron has already proved himself a changed man. He has valiantly fought alongside his fellow Joes and was recently made a full fledged member!

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