As a child, T'Gin-Zu never seemed to be the best at anything. Just when he thought he was the best at something, someone else seemed to be that much better. As a teenager, T'Gin-Zu began taking martial arts as a way to cope as well as a way to gain physical and mental strength. Much to his own surprise, he became the top student and caught the eye of Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow took T'Gin-Zu and taught him in the ways of the Arashikage clan. T'Gin-Zu's past finally caught up with him when Nunchuk also became a student of Storm Shadow. Once again, T'Gin-Zu found himself second best. This went on until Storm Shadow became a member of Cobra after Dr. Mindbender brainwashed him using the Brainwave Scanner. Storm Shadow was so impressed by Nuchuk's fighting, he invited him to join Cobra, leaving T'Gin-Zu behind. After Nunchuk refused Storm Shadow's offer, Storm Shadow turned to T'Gin-Zu and ask him to join Cobra with him. Seeing this as an opportunity to be in Storm Shadow's favor, T'Gin Zu took the position of Ninja Viper Commander fighting side by side with his sensei Storm Shadow.

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