Real Name: Gordon, Russell
Primary Specialty: Hammer Driver
Secondary Specialty: Mechanic

Rusty Gordon was groomed at a very early age by his father to know every detail about the family trucking business. But, on his 18th birthday, instead of joining his father, Rusty joined the Army. He calmed his father down by explaining to him why he had chosen this route. What better way to use the knowledge he had been taught about the road than to help America's soldiers? His abilities allowed him to rise through the ranks to where he was in charge of all the convoys he was a part of. All of which, always showed up on time with everyone and everything accounted for and with no incidents to report. When recruiting for a top secret transport mission Clutch and Duke came across Convoy's dossier. They wondered if his track record would hold against the threat of a Cobra ambush. Upon seeing a suspect area where an ambush would be successful, Convoy requested permission to change the route of the transport. After changing course Cobra left the safety of its ambush to attack the transport out in the open where they were easily defeated. For his quick thinking and bravery under fire, Convoy was brought onto the GI Joe team.

Clutch: Most recruits get asked if they would like to join our little volunteer group. I told Hawk this kid doesn't get a choice. He's that good and we need him that bad. I have seen fast and I have seen crazy but with Convoy it's just smooth riding.

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