Urban Cowboy

Filename: Billybob McCoy
Primary Specialty: Driving 4x4's
Secondary Specialty: Feuding

Billybob joined Cobra as a basic Cobra trooper with dreams of becoming an elite Stinger driver. This was all well and good, but on his first tour of duty he took a bullet to the knee leaving him with anpermanent limp. Cobra Comander found the thought of an elite soldier with a gimp leg repulsive. He told Billybob that he would never be anything more then cannon fodder. Billybob was just about to throw in the towel when Zartan had a job opening for a driver for his reconditioned Stinger. Billybob found that the job worked out great for him, not only did he get to drive a great 4x4 he also got to ditch the stuffy uniform.

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