Code Name: Link
File Name: Barnabas Linkoln

He was raised as the only son of single prominent businessman who gave his son everything of his hearts desire, except information about his lineage. In his teenage years, this troubled him and sparked his interests in ancient cultures and languages. This led him to major in anthropology in college, where he also extensively studied Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.

After college, Barnabas joined navy to see the world, to find the link to his past. Despite his small stature, his unusual strength, quickness, and agility led to become a navy seal during his stint in the military.

Trying to trace his lineage, Barnabas went to China and studied mystic arts and devoted himself to Buddhism. While there he discovered that his name, Linkoln, had been changed from Lin'khan before his ancestors came to America. Though this satisfied his desires for a while, he still struggled with an emptiness and void in his life. He left China and literal backtracked Marco Polo's trail throughout Asia to the Israel and the Middle East, where he began to discover the Word of God.

He began studying the Bible and any ancient Hebrew & Greek text he could manage to get his hands on, even infiltrating Catholic monasteries to review secret scrolls long hidden from public eye. He finally discovered scrolls that seemed to document the existence of the Hyrule kingdom on the island of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus. From what he managed to translate, he discovered his bloodline from the great hero Link of Kokiri and Princess Zelda.

He uncovered the struggle ancient Hyrule had with the servant of Beelzebub, Ganondorf, who had the ability to travel between the Light world (Earth) and the Dark world (Hades, Sheol). Princess Zelda of Hyrule was murdered by Ganondorf, but managed to escaped just as Link discovered what had happen. When the Hyrulian guards found them, Link was covered in blood holding Zelda, leading the guards to believe Link had killed her. This sent Hyrule into turmoil and anarchy. Thus Ganondorf offered a chance for reformation and peace, leading to his overtaking of Hyrule. The gateway between Dark and Light world opened up and left Hyrule a dark, sinful, barren wasteland.

Knowing his bloodline would be blamed and punished for what happened in Atlantis, Link managed to send his son, Gabriel Linkson, to Asia (changing his name to Lin'kahn) before the kingdom was destroyed. Link stayed to battle the evil Ganondorf back into the Dark world.

Throughout this time, Link's faith in God diminished, leaving God with no other choice but to destroy the light world by causing great earhquakes that sank the island so that Dark world in Hyrule could no longer cross into light world.

After discovering his lineage, Barnabas felt that he now understood the deeper meaning in his life. He was a warrior, a soldier, who would fight till the end for his country and his God to eliminate the evil threats of this world.

He re-enlisted in the Navy when he returned home, but this time it wasn't to see the world, but to serve. His skills as a soldier quickly came to the attention of General Hawk, who ask him to join the Joe team. Link, as he now chose to be called, began dawning the clothing and gear of his ancestors: a shield (representing faith), breastplate (representing righteousness), sword (representing the Word God), belt (representing truth), boots (representing readiness), and headwear (representing salvation).

"There aren't many who would be scared of a little guy in an elf costume, but there are even less who can say they have beaten this guy. There's a fire in his eyes like I've never seen if he's preparing to take on the world." -General Hawk

The head was tricky to do. First I had to make the head a ball joint, then I had to mod the hair (and the chest) to fit on the chest. I added the stocking cap with Flexi-sculpt. I wanted to use the Crankcase torso because it was green, so I sanded off all of the straps. Next are the arms. After doing an arm-odomy, I cut off the Track Viper glove, dremeled it out and added a peg so it would stay on the arm. I did the same thing with the power gauntlet. With the waist, I figured it would work great to hold Link's boomerangs, plus it was longer than most of the other JvC skirts. I filled in the front with magic sculp, then added the buckle. I was originally going to use Wild Bill 91 feet, but they were just too skinny for what I wanted. So I cut the chap mei feet off, dremeled them out and the added them to a pair off modded Duke feet. I sculpted the top of the boots and removed the laces.

Now to the accessories. Most of them are straight forward with the exception of the armor and the helmet. The armor actually fits, but is impossible to put on over the head (I'd have to take him apart and try to assemble him with it on him), and it tends to scrape the paint off the torso. The helmet was modeled after the Heroe's Charm in Windwaker. I really needed a helmet to fit in my backstory with the figure, and this worked out.

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