Ryu Hoshi

File Name: Hoshi, Ryu
Primary Military Specialty: Field Operative
Birthplace: Japan (city UNKNOWN)
Pay Grade: E-5 (Equivalent)

Street Fighter--The code name for an elite group of international martial artists who use their skills to fight crime. Their code of honor: Discipline, Justice, Commitment.

Ryu Hoshi is a formidable martial artist who seeks to perfect himself and become the best fighter he can be. In addition to being proficient in the art of Shotokan Karate, Ryu can achieve superhuman hand-to-hand combat techniques, such as the Hurricane Kick, Hadoken (fireball) and his much-feared Dragon Punch. Spotted at a tournament by Quick Kick and Snake-Eyes, Ryu was approached by G.I. Joe but turned down an offer to join the team. Later, when the "Street Fighter" sub-team was formed, Ryu was again approached, and this time agreed to join. Ryu now lends a fist (or foot or elbow) when his help is needed in taking down crime.

From the files of Colonel William F. Guile, team leader of "Street Fighter":
To Ryu, the fight is everything. He does not care if he wins or loses a match, as long as he has learned something that makes him a better fighter. However, that's not the case when we're up against Cobra, Shadowlaw or even the Headhunters--then losing is not an option Ryu will accept!

I don't visit JoeCustoms.com, that much. So I always find out about these awesome group projects after the submission deadline. Well, I found out about this project 3 days before the deadline, so while I would have liked to done a bit more with this figure (as well as another Street Fighter character), I am still glad I could squeak this one in before the deadline.

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