What if Joe had hit the market like every other hot toy in the new Millennium - As a collectable card game!

Press Release:

G.I. Joe the Collectable Card Game to be released by Wizards of the Coast

Build your Cobra (TM) or GI Joe (TM) deck and face off against the enemy in a battle to capture the enemy base. Have well known joes like Duke lead your battle team to victory!

Each starter deck includes one GI. Joe (TM) and one Cobra (TM) 60 card deck, one play mat, and 30 resource counters. No additional materials are required to play. Additional cards are available in 15 card booster packs with randomly inserted Ultra Rare Foil cards.

G.I. Joe is unique among collectable card games because it incorporates movement into the game. The included battle mat works like a chess board to provide a new, and strategic level to the card based game; the location of your cards is just as important as the cards you play. Cards for Soldiers, Battle Actions, Bases, Vehicles and Defenses allow you to wage all out combat against the forces of Cobra.

G.I Joe the Collectable Card Game is produced by Wizards of the Coast, whose parent company Hasbro owns all rights to the G.I. Joe name. Wizards of the Coast is also responsible for the Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Harry Potter collectable card games.

Attached are the prototype card samples provided with the release.

Judging Note: Won the "Funskool Employee of the Month" because we figured he ate some parts painted with lead paint, which led Raptor to submit a card game to a custom figure contest. ;-)