Joe Declassified and JoeCustoms have joined together to bring you the ultimate custom contest! Here at Declassified, you know we love the history of the G.I. Joe brand and we love the production process - which leads to your chance to recreate unproduced Joe toys in order to win some pretty swell prizes.

Rules & Info

The JoeDeclassified/JoeCustoms Ultimate Custom Contest!

Custom contest rules:

    1. Customs may be figures or vehicles.
    2. Any customs created for any prior contest, or that have been shown prior on the web are automatically disqualified. Customizers should submit a photo with their entry that shows their construction materials with any dated item (magazine, etc) created after the contest start date.
    3. Customs must be of an unfinished Hasbro product (Rocky, for example). Anything that ever existed in any state of design is eligible. Please see the references at the bottom for further inspiration.
    4. All entries are due no later than 15April2013.
    5. All prize-winning customs become property of Joe Declassified, and will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to help support future Declassified endeavors. If contest winners do not wish to participate in the fundraising process, we will select the next highest rated customs to take their place.
    6. No more than 3 custom entries per individual.
    7. Entries MUST include real name, any online screen names, city and state of origin. All entry photos should be submitted to Please include no more than 10 photos per entry. Any questions or clarifications of contest rules should be sent to the same email address.
    8. All judges and Joe Declassified staff are automatically disbarred from entry.

The Prizes:

  • 1st prize: Carded wave 14 Storm Shadow
  • 2nd prize: all 13 Club FSS figures (these will ship to the winner after all 13 have been released)
  • 3rd prize: Set of white and red SDCC Jinxes
  • 4th-6th prizes: Red SDCC Jinx
  • Judging:

    Judging will be on a rating system among several categories. Points assigned by each judge individually will be averaged to determine a winner. Judges will include:

  • Joe Declassified Staff
  • JoeCustoms Staff - pluv, Lance Sputnik, and drbindy
  • Chris Chung - Admin of
  • Fred Meyer - Owner/Admin of Joe
  • Fran O'Boyle - Owner/Admin of
  • Justin Bell - Owner/Admin of
  • Terry Dizard - Admin of
  • And
  • John Warden of Hasbro
  • Judging categories are:

  • Faithfulness - How accurately the custom reflects whatever existing source material is available.
  • Difficulty - Customs accomplished through minor parts swapping vs. those that require parts fabrication.
  • Obscurity- The lesser known the concept, the better -bonus points for revealing unknown sourece material.
  • Part usage - How creative the customizers parts choices are.
  • Paint - Painting execution and detailing.
  • Buyability/Playability - How much does the finished product look like something likely to sell, as well as durability to play.
  • Overall execution
  • Grand Prize Winner

  • Man-O-War by Avac's Lab
  • 2nd Place Winner

  • Space Force by Mswi
  • 3rd Place Winner

  • Dreadnok by Mswi
  • 4th Place Winner

  • Insecticycle by Ecmagee1984
  • 5th Place Winner

  • Rocky Balboa by Mswi
  • 6th Place Winner

  • Translucent Joe by Darkwynter
  • All Other Entries

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