The Year End Achievement Awards (aka the JCAs) are an annual event initiated by board member Grand Slam to recognize outstanding achievement at the end of the year for both customs and the customizers. Each year we vote on our community's best work to give the cream of the crop their proper recognition. These awards also serve as a year in review for the site in general and help to remind us of the fun that we've had together for the past year.

2020 JCAs Intro

It's time for the 2020 JoeCustoms Awards. This is the time of year when we sift through the best of the best and decide which customs we here at feel are the cream of the crop.

We will be doing 2 rounds of voting. The first round will be on the forum with the top 5 vote getters in each category moving on to the final ballot. For the Final Ballot voting, we will once again be using Google Docs in order to more quickly and accurately tally votes. Just to give everyone a flavor for how last year's JCAs went, here is the link to last year's results The 2019 Results Page.


Voting ends Monday, March 15th


Custom Figure & Vehicle Nominations for 2020

Only figures, vehicles and playsets that have been added since the 2020 JCAs are eligible for nomination. Also, only figures, vehicles, and playsets in the Custom Gallery are eligible for nomination.

Items in the gallery can be found by using the following links to see a list of only those customs that are eligible:

Make sure you see the "2020 JCAs" as well as the word "Eligible" in the breadcrumb and heading on the page of the custom you are looking at to be 100% positive you are in the section that ONLY lists eligible customs. Then cut and paste the information from the yellow box at the top of the custom's page into the nomination fields.

Example: (figure|12345), Testy Testerson, pluv

Feature Nominations

Entries from the Snake Eyes Custom Contest are eligible for nomination n all applicable categories:

Nomination Rules for 2020

  • You do not have to provide a nomination for each category. Likewise, you do not have to make nominations in order to vote. That being said, it is nice to feel like you are appreciated. So if you liked something over the past year, please nominate it.
  • You can nominate 10 items per category (with an exception outlined below).
  • Remember that you are allowed to nominate yourself!!! If you think your stuff should be on the ballot, then nominate it.
  • Please use the url link for any nominee from the Group Projects and No Joe Challenges.
  • If for some reason you submit your form before completing the whole thing, just pick up in the category where you left off. The gmail back end will stack them so we'll be able to see all of your previous nominations. DO NOT start over.

Reporting Your Nominations for 2020

Nominations are now over. Thanks to everyone who sent theirs in!

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