Every year around this time Sideshow Collectibles does their infamous "Spooktacular" event featuring great deals, games and new product reveals. In 2009, GeneralsJoes is proud to announce that we are working with Sideshow Collectibles on a Halloween-themed custom contest, and the chosen winner will get a 12" Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Commander for FREE. This being the Halloween season, it seems appropriate to open this up as a Custom Contest featuring your favorite G.I. Joe or Cobra character as a Halloween themed monster! Do you want to see Duke as a Werewolf? Storm Shadow as a Vampire? An entire squad of Zombie Cobra Troopers? Pull out all the stops!

Rules & Info

Due: October 31, 2009


  • 1 Entry Per Person. That means one single figure per entry, and one entry per person. From a judging perspective, we just feel it's important to judge all entries on an equal basis, and trying to compare a single custom figure to a group just offers too much margin for error.
  • It must be a character or trooper from the G.I. Joe universe.
  • No scale restrictions, as long as the scale matches G.I. Joe scales. You can work in the familiar 3 3/4" scale and style, or blow it up to Sigma 6 8" scale or 12" scale. If you're going to use a scale not commonly associated with G.I. Joe (6", etc) it should play into a smaller scale, and the larger size should make sense.
  • You do not need to use any G.I. Joe parts as long as the final custom product is an obvious G.I. Joe character or trooper. Use of G.I. Joe parts is certainly encouraged, just not required.

Judging: Of course, this is a custom who better to help judge a custom contest than the custom experts? GeneralsJoes will be working hand in hand with on this contest, utilizing a panel of judges from the customizing community to decide which Halloween custom is the cream of the crop.

Award: The judges will pick what they deem the best Halloween inspired custom to be awarded the 12" Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Commander.

Details: Please read all the fine print at

The Winner

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