The Joecustoms Group Projects have their roots on the Bivouac. That is where it all started. It moved to JoeCustoms and from there it got bigger and bigger almost every time. To celebrate the fact that we are now up to the 50th edition, we are doing a massive Group Project that includes all the past 49 Projects. Entries could be from any of the previous Group Projects. It is a way to look at all those wonderful ideas again, finish some unfinished customs, participate in Projects that you were unable to join, or simply extend them with new entries.

Reject Vipers #4

Filename: Unknown #7

Transportation Corps #10

Cobras vs Nazis #13

Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Special Teams #15

Prototype Vehicles #16

SpaceNoks #22

Steampunk #31

Female Additions #32

Adventure Team #34

Ninja Force #36

Create-A-Con Set #42

Robot Rebellion #43

GI Joe: The Next Generation #44

Dino Hunters #48

Repaint Central #49

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