Climate Control! Hand-picked from the world's military forces for their expertise in specialized combat, these highly trained individuals stand poised to defend the world wherever and whenever it may be attacked! From the depths of the oceans to the thickest jungle...the snow-capped Asian peaks to the crowded Inner City of Detroit, Climate Control is ready! Soldiers from all walks of life, even the world reknowned G.I. Joe Team come together to face any threat from Cobra, or even nature itself!

Cobra reacts to Climate Control with the Enviro-Vipers. Culled from the ranks of the evil terrorist empire, these soldiers are well equipped and prepared to fight for the death in any part of the world. From assaulting a Russian Exploration Station at the South Pole, to raiding a top secret government compound in a sweltering South American jungle, these Snakes have what it takes.

G.I. Joe's Climate Control

Cobra's Enviro-Vipers

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