The Reign of Cobra La

After their defeat at the hands of the G.I. Joe team the Cobra-La survivors went into hiding. In one of his many secret laboratories Dr. Mindbender with the assistance of Pythona has brought Golobulus back to life. Reborn stronger than ever the Cobra-La ruler amassed an army larger than any seen before. Using a global network of lava tubes the Cobra-La army spread out across the planet and launched a worldwide attack that quickly overran the defenses of nearly every country who stood in their way. Declaring himself Emperor of this new world, Golobulus rules over a mutated and evolved planet. The only resistance lies in pockets hidden around the world where the remnants of the G.I.Joe team, Cobra, the Oktober Guard and other factions lie low, planning and plotting for one final push to save humanity and the world.

This project imagines a world ruled by Cobra-La, where humanity is enslaved and experimented on, flora and fauna have been mutated and transformed and the planet is an expansion of the hidden world of Cobra-La introduced in G.I. Joe: The Movie. All human armies and military organizations have either been destroyed or are lying hidden, scattered across the globe. How does the G.I. Joe team look in this new, alien environment? What new alliances have been formed in the wake of Golobulus' takeover? How do you fight against a force that uses the planet itself as a weapon? Who survived? Who has sided with Cobra-La? Who stands against them? How will the world look during The Reign of Cobra-La?

Cobra La

Cobra Resistance

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