Dec. 6th, 1968 - A young boy by the name of Clayton Abernathy is born. Clayton is born into a world of tyranny and ruthless dictatorship, but like many born after the great war, they do not realize it, for the life they know now they cannot compare to anything else. Clayton's parents die in car accident when he is rather young. At the age of 5, Clayton is sent to live with his grandfather, Joseph Abernathy. Clayton was a little scared of his grandfather, a man not too old, yet looked the opposite, a man with strange scars on his hands and some on his face. He never understood why when out with his grandfather, people would stare and whisper, why the Gestapo would pull him aside and harass them about the spade tattoo on his arm, why some would just outright ignore him.

Clayton had a semi normal childhood, doing the "normal" things kids do, and his grandpa would weave fantastic tales of soldiers and war, which Clayton loved to hear as he tucked him in at night. The last thing Clayton would see before he fell asleep every night was an old helmet his grandfather once wore, dark green with a little symbol on the side.

Joseph does his best to raise the boy right, yet wrong at the same time. Clayton did not understand why his grandfather would instruct him to disobey his teachers at school, and get in trouble. His grandfather would instruct him to defy authority, and show that he was his own man. As a teenager, he did not understand and soon grew tired of the discipline and beatings he was given at he hands of his teachers. One night, he asked his grandfather why he would want him to get in trouble. As his grandfather would take him fishing, he began to tell the story of what life used to be like, before the war to end all wars.

Clayton began to realize the tall tales that his grandfather tucked him in with were in fact his own history, and the history of the nation he lived in. He told Clayton of the freedom that used to be, the life that might have been, and the nation of which he fought for. He told Clayton about the night he dropped into France from a plane, to free the world of the Nazi party, which Clayton had never thought of as the enemy. It was all Clayton had known thus far in life. He told of a brilliant flash, and a blasting heat that was unlike anything he had felt before. Clayton was beginning to understand. As he grew older, he grew more resistant against the Nazi power, often ending up in jail, or with beatings by the Steel Brigade troopers. His grandfather warned him to be careful, that the Nazi's will only let you get away with so much for so long. "If you want to strike, you must be quick, and deadly. like a snake, like a cobra" his Grandfather would say.

July 29th, 1998 - Joseph Abernathy was beaten to death by two Steel Brigade troopers on a street corner waiting for his grandson to get out of work. As Clayton approached the two, and seen what they had done, and anger and fury he had never felt before came over him, and he lashed out quickly. And deadly, killing both troopers.

As he holds his dying grandfather in his arms, he swears things are going to change, he promises he will bring the American dream back to life. His grandfather smiles and touches the boy on his cheek. "do it my boy, make me proud. Be quick, and be deadly ... ." With that Joseph Abernathy dies.

Cobra is born.

1999 - Clayton begins to recruit others like him, and makes uses his new friends to network more people in the nation and the world willing to fight for what used to be. He calls his force Cobra, and operates out of a vast underground base deserted by the U.S. government at the tail end of the Nazi invasion. The base is known only as "Temple Alpha".He begins to bring freedom fighters around the world under one banner, one organization.

2003-After years of organizing, Cobra being to strike targets and people all over the world.

The battle for freedom has begun.



Non-Cobra Resistance Fighters

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