With every convention exclusive that gets released we fans sit back and question every inclusion or omission and analyze every aspect of the items. members decided to showcase what they would put together for a Joe Con Exclusive.

Terror Tours con set by Viperscout70000

Rock You Like A Hurricane con set by Lance Sputnik

Live the Adventure! by toy-nutz

The host city for the Convention is Memphis, TN. The Con hotel is the Embassy Suites. Convention guest list is: Larry Hama, Mark (M.D.) Bright: Original Marvel artist, Buzz Dixon, Ray Park, Greg Horn: Convention box art for both sets, Don Levine: G.I. Joe's "father", Jon Michlieg: Author and co-creator of the Timeless Collection books and figures, and the creative team on the IDW Joe books.

Operation Jungle Mayhem con set

Peninsula of Terror! and The Search for the Atomic Man! by Dream, Kamakura and Joeczar

The Search for the Atomic Man! two figure set

A Late Thaw by sgartz

Host City: Des Moines, Iowa. Site: Des Moines Convention Center.

A new threat has been discovered: hidden in the frozen wilds of Russia, beneath a seemingly abandoned military outpost, the Ouroboros Facility has functioned in secret for the past 26 years. Created in the waning days of the Cold War, the Ouroboros project was designed to be fully self-contained: the facility is equipped to provide its own power, grow most of its own food, and carry out its research without the need for communication with its overseers. This strategy, an attempt to hide the project from American spies, worked better than anyone anticipated: as the Soviet Union dissolved, the project was forgotten; but Ouroboros has continued on, carrying out its directive to develop new weapons systems with no idea that the nation those weapons are meant to protect no longer exists. The experiments have grown bolder in recent days, though, and the facility's existence has been revealed. There is much to fear from this new enemy, but little information to fully understand the threat that they pose.

There are two ways to approach the facility without being detected: a railroad line that runs past the outer edges of the abandoned buildings at ground level, and a river that flows under the facility. The Joe team needs to know what is being prepared inside Ouroboros; the recon mission is on.

Ouroboros con set

Entire con set group shot
Also available (but not quite finished yet):
  • Two-Figure "Deluxe" Set: Experimental Weapons Testers with Hover Platforms
  • Small Vehicle with Driver: Submarine Captain with Cargo Hauler and Trailer
  • Parachute Figure: Arctic Warfare Specialist

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