Two soldiers...once comrades in arms, and now the bitterest of enemies!

At one point, the troopers now known as Vanguard and Enigma battled side by side and fought the good fight. But one fateful fateful night changed their lives forever.

Their squad was ambushed...decimated! They had only two choices: fight and die, or escape. Their choices were made, and they live with those choices the rest of their lives. One night, one mission, changed the lives of these two people. See how different they have become:

Enigma was once a hero. One of the top recon specialists of the Uinted States Military, Enigma was a highly sought after soldier, and one of the most capable as well. But there was a nasty that superiors were not comfortable with. Soon enough, Enigma was found behind a desk, not in the field as the highly trained trooper would have preferred.

Quickly, Enigma was replaced by a young up and comer. Vanguard was a Special Forces soldier, every bit as skilled as the predecessor. This did not sit well with Enigma.

One thunderous night, the inevitable happened...controlling things from a secret location, Enigma vowed to take a measure of revenge. Vanguard was leading Enigma's should have been ENIGMA'S team! The skilled, but unstable trooper lead the team, into a trap!

Gunfire from all directions...rain and thunder mixed with the roaring blasts of fire and shrapnel. Confusion reigned, yet Vanguard held fast, desperate to lead the team to safety. But they had been sold out...Enigma knew all too well where they were headed and the best way to stop them. The team was surrounded by Cobra themselves, but still Vanguard held his decision. Enigma ordered to hold their ground and counter the attack, but Vanguard ignored it, desperate to lead the team to safety. Cobra pressed their attack as the team withdrew, and soon enough a rescue helicopter was there! But Vanguard was the only one left...

Vanguard radioed to information in, and the US Government moved in on Enigma's location, but he was long gone.

Years later...secret information leaked to the upper echelon of the United States Government reveals that the person known as Enigma is now working for Cobra! He started off a lowly Viper but is now Field Commander of the entire Viper Corps. And Enigma is sharing his secrets with the enemy!

Deciding this could not continue, General Hawk sought out the one person who might be able to combat his former mentor and superior. Vanguard was only too happy to help after the disastrous mission.

Now, as a Field Commander of G.I. Joe ground forces, Vanguard leads the charge against terrorists in general, and Cobra specifically! Vanguard's sole goal is to finally track down the person who led his team to their deaths, and to take a measure of vengeance.



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