A team of Cobra scientists was working on a top-secret operation embedded in the rock of Cobra Island. If completed the new device would bring cobra to an all-powerful being in the world, not just a terrorist organization. The experiment consisted of a break through study of a particle accelerator that is said; that when completed, would be able to make time travel possible. Seeking more information on the project, Destro sends a squad of vipers to 'question' the scientist in charge of the operation. Upon hearing the results destro decided to lend a helping hand by employing his M.A.R.S. top scientists to aid in the development.

One night, a scientist was tinkering with the accelerator, and an accident occurred, blowing up the lab. When the rubble was cleared they saw the outcome. Human flesh, rock, metal, and air had fused into one... the blast was so great that nothing was left. Except at the very center, there laid a sphere of light. Upon closer inspection the remaining scientists could make out images inside the globe. Unknown to Cobra what would come through the gate, they set guards to see what happened. The first encounter happened on the first full moon after the accident.... what seemed to look like a giant bat, an image started to appear...suddenly there stood a warrior figure before the armed guards...within minutes it was attacking, ripping one guard to shreds with one swipe of it gauntlet gloved hand. After what seemed like hours the battle was over, trying almost everything to stop the warrior, Destro had his men turn the flamethrowers on it...surprisingly it worked. After the battle occurred, the sphere was examined at more length. . The only explanation was to call it a gray hole. Having both properties of a black and white hole, the gray hole was able to suck in light and expel it, causing a dimensional portal of sorts.

Cobra saw what came out of the gray hole and they saw it as an advantage. They sent a team through the hole heavily armed with state of the art technology and a squad of BATS to set up a base. They got no response from the away team. At first they got no response from the away team. During the wait they had another encounter that came out of the gate. This time it was a wolf. Half dead the scientist took the animal and examined it. They determined that the wolf was much like the wolves of earth and found nothing wrong with it. They soon sent another team through the gate, only equipped with small arms to see about the other team. They soon realized the gray hole repelled the original team, fusing the guns, BATS and men together, killing them instantly. One early morning they got contact with the away team and got their last transmission. It was one of horror and fright. Only one team member made it back then died from multiple bite wounds.

Having nothing to do with Cobra, one of the scientists defected to the Untied States. After a debriefing the ex-Cobra scientist was turned over to the GI Joe team. The team did not know how to take the information, so they turned to outside help. They got a call from a 'reliable source' to meet a group of people that could help in their quest for answers. A small team was formed and went to meet these strange individuals. Upon arrival it was found out that the people that they were meeting were vampire hunters. They were descendants of the Knights' Templar and had a sworn oath to kill all vampires. The Knights also told the Joes their history.

Approx. 20 yrs after the 1st crusade, 9 knights in the highest spirit of chivalry came together w/ a pledge to protect all pilgrims visiting he holy lands. They were called the Knights Templar. They took 4 oaths: chastity, follow the teachings of St. Augustine, fight the Muslims, never retreat in battle, even in the face of over powering odds. They lived a life of half monk half warrior. They won fame in the battlefield for their valor and zeal and fearlessness. They soon received backing by the pope and patronage from different princes in Europe. They also told of how their history involved the origin of vampires. It was legend that the original Knight Templars had captured a vengeful vampire that cooperated with the group to hunt down other vampires. It was also found out that this vampire came through a mystical portal gate to this (the real world). The Knights went on to explain that the captured vampire, Lascula, helped them locate the gate that was buried under a mountain, and the only way to get to it was an underground river. What Lascula did not know is that there were in fact 3 more gates like the gray hole that occurred in nature by freak accidents. The knights soon added another code to their oath: Kill all vampires.

Lascula had told the original Knights his history. Sense the dawn of time he has been on this earth. He came here through the first gate hat was caused by the meteor bring in the ice age of this world. At that time he was just an egg, waiting for a suitable host, that of human. Even though he laid in hibernation he still gathered knowledge of his surroundings. It wasn't until 1096 ad that he found his host. t was a knight that had lost his way during a brutal fight during the 1st crusades. The egg took over the host and soon became this man. Over he years Lascula (who went by the name Faethor) had realized that keeping a low profile and 'dying' every 50 to 60 years would keep him immortal, and the people that surrounded him never suspected that this person had been around for over 400 years. In 1410 Lascula met a Page by the name of Vlad. Over the next few years Vlad rose to power. Vlad made Lascula a general in his army and soon saw the ruthlessness of Lascula's ways. Because of him, Vlad was given the name, Vlad the Impaler.

Lascula went on to tell of his father from the other world. His father was of pure blood, born in the forbidden swamps and whose seed was that of royalty. He said that royal blood vampires produce one seed or 'egg' in its lifetime, meaning that one family would rule for many lifetimes. Being of pure blood, the rulers have servants. Half bloods are their warriors, made from a pure blood itself. Other creatures serve the vampire lords; the drones are the eyes and ears for their master. It was when his father was about to give up his seed that a black hole lost some of its properties and fell from the skies, taking the eggs into the real world.

The Knights agreed to help the GI Joe team and told them of their relations with vampires. Their forefathers, in wanting to spread their code, sent some of their own through the gray hole, not only to teach, but also to guard. Over the centuries, only a few of the knights had returned, telling tales of horrors on Hell Earth. They found that vampires are very hard to kill. Sliver can hurt a vampire but not kill it, however silver on Hell Earth is a rare metal, gold is more plentiful on that earth. The knights had found few humans and taught them the ways of the old. The knights showed them fighting and survival skills that kept them alive. Only the bravest warriors had weapons of silver. A stake through the heart only paralyzes a vampire. The only ways to kill these vampires were to stake them through the heart, chop off the head and burn the remains. Sunlight does hurt a vampire. However it does not kill one.

Over the years the knights built a vast network of individuals in their order. The knights believed that Lascula was the 1st vampire of real earth and had made many men his servants. What they did not know was that many vampire lords came through the gray hole and saw real earth as a new battlefield where they can continue their clan war.

With the accident at Cobra Island, making a new gray hole (the 4th, the others haven't been discovered) Cobra decided to send a team back through the gate to set up operations on this other earth. Cobra's thoughts on the vampires were to capture a vampire lord, bring him back through the gate, and clone him into a new breed of cobra troops. What cobra didn't know was the vampires were masters of seduction, and led cobra into a double cross, thus expanding their rule into real earth.

Having a somewhat over view of this earth by the window like properties of the gate, and the communication with the Knights Templars, the Joes found out the cobra's plan on hell earth. Seeing that their obligation was to stop cobra at any cost, a new war was born. Instead of trying to shut the hole down, the gi Joe team decided to form a new team. Consisting of the Knights Templar, and select members of the Joe team, the Gate Walkers were born.

How hell earth came to be:

Many nightfalls ago, hell earth had had continents, oceans, islands, seasons of sun, rains, snow and winds. It was over abundant with various kind of wildlife and a quarter of a billion people. They had the wheel, used fire and sails, experimented with rudimentary medicines and coarse chemistry. While gunpowder had not yet been discovered, still they understood the basic elements if a forge and metalworking; they had metal tools, and the crossbow for hunting. All in all there future seemed bright, whose explorers set out across the seas in wooden ships to seek new lands.

That was before the gray hole. The gray hole's holocaust reshaped their 'earth' and redesigned its geological features. The people were recovering rom earthquakes, tidal waves, from seasons of torrential rains and whirlwinds of black frozen ash (what we would call a nuclear winter), and from other seasons which baked half of the planet to a desert while the other half lay cold and wasted, mainly under frozen oceans, but the race was recovering, and gradually recovering their numbers. And in their legends (which were confused and contradictory, because the written from of their language had been at best basic and was lost in the aftermath, so that history had become a thing passed down immemorially by word of mouth). And so the legend was this: that one night a strange 'white sun' had appeared in the southern skies, falling, descending from the heavens...and with it brought the end of the old world. From this strange 'white sun' there soon came saviors to the race. These new beings came from the sun and brought forth the voice of the lord. For many seasons before the collapse of the gray hole the inhabitants of this earth feared the 'bad lands' for which they knew of the 'evil beings' that waged war there. The gray hole brought for many saviors, but it also brought the evil ones. The 'gods men' waged war on these invaders from the Bad Lands and many fell victim to the wraths of the vampri. With no other options left, the sunsiders left their makeshift homes and became travelers On hell earth there are two sides, Star side and sun side...there is a mountainous region that divides the tow sides that was a temperate zone.

On hell earth there are two sides, Star side and sun side...there is a mountainous region that divides the tow sides that was a temperate one whose spine was the barrier range of mountains between starside and sunside. The rotation of this earth has two rotations, one is from pole to pole, along the barrier range and a regular rotation like real earth does but its very slow.... one day on that earth equals 3 days n real earth.

Gate Walkers

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