The year is 2215 AD.

The last 20 years has seen the Cobra Organization dominate global warfare and eliminate most competition. An uneasy treaty has been formed with the last remaining armies of the world-Cobra, the M.A.R.S. Corporation, and Extensive Enterprises. The treaty allows Cobra control over the a majority of the Western Hemisphere and what remains of Europe, MARS in control of Scotland, the British Isles and the western half of the United States , while Extensive Enterprises dominates the Asian Peninsula. Australia has become a wasteland, a place of nomads, drifters and soldiers for hire known as Dreadnoks.

In 2198, as Cobra grew to power, a small determined band of freedom fighters took up the mantle of a long forgotten team of soldiers from the 21st century, codename: GI JOE. The ragtag coalition of men and women fought Cobra on every front, until they were betrayed by one of their own, and Cobra slaughtered the team, with the last of the new incarnation of GI Joes, Redwolf Iron Knife, falling to the sword of Serpentor in the year 2207.

After the betrayal, Lincoln Hawk ascended to the leadership position in which he was genetically created for: Serpentor, the Cobra Commander.

The world moved on, and back to as normal as it could. The oppressive Cobra regime kept the world in check, as MARS and Extensive Enterprises felt the strain and stress of manipulated economies and proxy wars, until Extensive Enterprises fell under the weight of Cobra.

James McCullen Destro, head of MARS, knows that the uneasy treaties of the past will soon come to an end. He is growing older and knows that he wants to make the world a better place for future generations of his family. For over the last 500 years, his family has made a business of supplying weapons to either side of any conflict. As he looks at the current way of life, he realizes that his family and himself have helped feed the snake that now is crushing the world in it's death grip.

He sends his only son, American born Dane McCullen Destro back to the United States to recruit and reform the legendary GI Joe team, and supply them with the needed hardware and infrastructure they need to make a change in the world.

GI Joe




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