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Judging was based on a weighted formula that took into account painting/sculpting quality, trueness to character, base figure originality, overall originality and overall impression. The base figure originality was weighted heaviest in scoring.

So, without further adeiu, here are the winners of the 2002 Alterna-Joe Contest!
(You can view the rules and prize list from the 2002 contest at the bottom of this page.)

Award Winners Other Participants

First Place:

Sidewinder's Destro


Second Place:

chad-ghost's Flak Viper


Third Place:

pluv's Fridge


Golden Crystal Ball:

Invisible Wraith's Metal Head


Funskool Employee of the Month:

Raptor's G.I. Joe CCG


It is your goal to do a custom of any character from the Joe-verse that had a figure made for them. That means no Billys, Candys, etc.

The Catch

You can not use parts from any 3 3/4" Joe lines or any other line that shares the o-ring construction (like Corps!, etc).

How to Win

The key to winning is making a figure that will blow the judges away with "I can't believe they used *that* to make the figure" thoughts when we look at it. Therefore, while you might use a Star Wars or Chap Mei figure to create a Joe, that might not be "original" enough to impress us, no matter how good the figure looks.


We're doing this to get people to do a Joe custom without it using the same ol' stuff. You know, spice things up a bit and get the creative juices of the community flowing. We're looking for customs made from lines one normally wouldn't think of using to do a Joe figure. For example, using a classic He-Man figure, a M.A.S.K. figure or even a Battle Beast (yeah right ;-) ) as your starting point would be a definate step in the right direction.

Some notes

  1. You can try to mix 'n match parts or just do a straight repaint.

  2. You can make the figure be a recreation of the character's original mold, or create your own vision of the character.

  3. While we would like your figure(s) to be specifically made for this project (i.e., no entry of existing work), we know this will be impossible to police. However, we're hoping this line guilts some people who have done this sort of thing already to try to make a figure specifically for this project. ;-)

  4. There is no entry fee. There is also no need to email asking if you can participate. All are welcome to try.

  5. This contest will run until 01/01/03 at 12:00pm EST (that being the due date for all submissions). Winners will be announced a week or so later. Do not email your customs until a week before this deadline.

  6. You can submit up to two figures, but can only place once.

  7. You will need to send pictures of your custom in a digital format. Please make sure to take some good pictures that show off the detail of your custom, otherwise you may lose just because we can't see its full glory.

  8. Pictures of all customs will be displayed on the site (not just the winners) once the contest is over. You agree to having your figure displayed by entering.

  9. The judges are Beav, seaN & Stu (of TSO44), Mike T. (of Mike's Forgotten Figures) and General Hawk (of General's Joes).

Contest Submissions

Entry in the contest indicates agreement to have your figure displayed on this site. Please remember you must specifically state you would like to be considered for the "Funskool Employee of the Month Award" if your figure does not place in another position.


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

The "I Can't Believe They Did That Award" - Given to an interesting figure idea that wasn't up to snuff to place and probably wouldn't have placed 4th had that position existed.

"Funskool Employee of the Month Award" - Given to the entry that makes us go "What the heck were they thinking?" when we see it. You must specifically tell us you want to be considered for this award (if you don't place in another category) when you email your entry.