This page gives me a place to drop some thanks and give people the proper credit where deserved. I really can't do this site on my own and it's these people that make it possible.

Credit & Thanks

In particular order:

  • Beav - The man took over a side niche of the community and gave us all a home on the internet. For that I will always be forever grateful. Oh, and he tends to fix more stuff for me then he ever broke as admin.
  • camper - Without him and his creation, the Bivouac, this site would never have existed.
  • Sidewinder and JoeMichaels - These two guys really do a lot of stuff behind the scenes to help make the site a better place for everyone. On top of that, they have become the Special Projects gurus. Sidewinder has helped so much with putting together the Group Projects and the Custom Celebrations. JoeMichaels has helped with the NJC and Custom Celebrations as well.
  • Stealth Viper - Helped find JoeCustoms a new server for the future and got everything working again.
  • Site Staff, past and present - There have been a ton of changes over the years of all of the people who have helped out with the modding, gallery staff, the wiki, and given their input on the site's direction. These people volunteer their time for love of the hobby and dedication to the site they enjoy.
  • All the customizers - Without you guys, there'd be no content on this page. It's your skill and love of the hobby that keeps it going.
  • Hasbro - May be sucking up but without them there wouldn't be a G.I. Joe toyline to customize or discuss.

Proper Attribution

Again, no particular order:

To teach, improve, share, entertain and showcase the work of the customizing community.