All (19972 customs) - Everything of this type in one place.

Action Force (393 customs) - The European counterparts of Joe.

Black Dragon (46 customs) - Introduced at the G.I. Joe Convention in 2003, this new faction works closely with Cobra.

Cobra (4800 customs) - Customs of the Joe team's primary enemy.

Dreadnoks (682 customs) - The grape soda loving, donut eating customs are in here.

G.I. Joe (8301 customs) - Customs of the good guys.

Iron Grenadiers (481 customs) - Destro's own private army.

Oktober Guard (260 customs) - The Joes' Soviet/Russian counterparts.

Others (4563 customs) - Customs that don't fit any other category.

Red Shadows (220 customs) - The enemies of Action Force.

Self-Customs (147 customs) - Customs of the customizer by the customizer, whether life-accurate or glorified Joeverse versions.

The Coil (79 customs) - A split-off Cobra organization that came to exist via the DD comic.

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