For years, has been using Big Brawler or Shipwreck as the site's unofficial mascot. The participants in Iron Will's Mascot Madness contests have shown some ingenuity and originality that got us thinking we'd really like someone to come up with an original official mascot to represent JoeCustoms and everything we stand for in the community. Something we can put on promotional materials or a table banner at the Cons or even print on a t-shirt without worrying about copyright/trademark issues. Your summer project, if you choose to except the adventure, is to create our official mascot: Joe Customs.


What can you submit?

Either 5 pictures of your custom action figure (in any scale) that best show off the figure and/or its accessories.

Or an 8x10 sized color digital picture of your character design.

That's right a custom/art contest. You can enter multiple entries but each entry must be submitted separately. CAVEAT: The winning entry MUST submit their hard copy, figure or original artwork, and relinquish all claims of copyright/trademark in order to claim their prize. We'd like to be able to display the custom/art wherever and however we promote the site and the hobby.

When is it due?

Mail your submissions to with "JC Mascot" in the subject line by Sunday, September 1st 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.


The winning entry, and only the winning entry, will receive a prize package consisting of the following items:

  • $25 $50 gift certificate
  • SDCC exclusive GI Joe/Transformers set (from Gyre-Viper) *Traveling Shipwreck NOT included
  • Eaglehawk, Tomahawk modern release (from Big Bad Toy Store)
  • Unassembled reproduction Cobra Missile Command Headquarters (from D&J Toys, $70 value)
  • 25th Anniversary Toys R Us Exclusive Crimson Guard 5 pack (from drbindy)
  • Dollar Store exclusives repaint wave (from HypnoHustler, not all are MOC, the green Shipwreck is included but I forgot to add him to the pic)
  • Assorted MOC figures (from HypnoHustler, bucky, and pluv)
  • Robert Atkins autographed Snake Eyes print book
  • Choice of User Title (underneath your name and avatar)
  • Our utmost respect and appreciation

    If we receive more than 3 entries, we'll run a poll on the site for our members to narrow down the choices to the top 3 vote getters. The top 3 will go on to a second round that will be decided by a group of judges including Gyre-Viper, ZombieGuide, J_Man, bucky, JoeCzar, beav, and myself.

    Legal jargon

    All submissions will be hosted on for as long as we see fit and may be used on marketing material for the site with due credit given. Submissions will be denied if they contain objectionable or offensive content that goes beyond our PG-13 rating we try to maintain for the site. If any issue arises that is not heretofore already outlined in the above rules I, pluv, as acting administrator, will have the final say about what action will be taken. Please email any questions or concerns before submitting an entry.

    The Winner, and new site Mascot!

    The Other Forum Vote Finalists

    The Other Entries

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