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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
C.B.A.T Crystal Battle Android Trooper nova
CamoKing Camouflage Expert qeelocke
Candy Appel Costumed Party Performer past nastification
Casual Commander Cobra Commander in Pajamas Rich Borosky
Cesspool Ninja Hunter Soulgem
Cliff Dagger Executive Driver (and future Venom operative) past nastification
Cobra Bell Boy Baggage Handling Professional Scrap-Iron
Cobra Commander Cobra Leader in Diving Gear Blood Brigade
Cobra Commander Evil Ninja Leader Soulgem
Cobra Jet Engine Technician Mechanical Technician Jin saotome
Cochese Beastie Boy detective Tim 121RVC
Colonel Sanders Fast Food/JCW Spokesman pluv
Count Chocula Leader of the C.A.B.A.L. joemichaels70
Crab Cakes Failed Experiment Caravankidd
Cross Country Sky Patrol alleyviperelite
Cross Country Ninja Force alleyviperelite
Crystal Beav General of the Crystal Army nova
Crystal Blanka Movie Edition Hypnotist Street Fighter Lance Sputnik
Crystal Wreck & Bally Ballified Shipwreck and Polly nova
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