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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dial-Tone Night Force Communications Kwinn_Lives
Dodger Night Force Squad Support Jogunwarrior
Double Blast Heavy Weapons Badvibes258
Dusty Night Force Trailbreaker Crossover Driver Dusty79
Falcon Night Force Squad Leader Jogunwarrior
Flint Night Force Team Commander Jogunwarrior
Flint Night Force Missions David Jake
Flyby Night Boomer Pilot Jogunwarrior
Frag Vipers Shadow Brigade Grenadiers OreoBuilder
Freefall Night Force Paratrooper Jogunwarrior
Goosebump Night Blaster Driver Mainframe
Goosebump Night Blaster Driver Mainframe
Grunt Night Force Infantry Leader OreoBuilder
Gung-Ho Night Force Marine Jogunwarrior
Gung-Ho Night Force pluv
Halo Nightforce Sniper Scrap-Iron
Halo HALO Jumper Vanishing Point
Hawk GI Joe Commander OreoBuilder
HEAT Viper Shadow Brigade Anti-Tank Troopers OreoBuilder
Hot Seat Night Terror Driver Dusty79
House Medical Doctor PCITTON
Interrogator Shadow Guard Commander OreoBuilder
Knockdown Night Force corpscommandercody
Lifeline Night Force Medic bucky
Lift-Ticket Night Tomahawk Pilot OreoBuilder
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