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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Sub-Unit Team Leader starviper
Cobra Officer Cobra's Field Grade Officers starviper
Cobra Sailor Navy Crewman starviper
Cobra Sapper Combat Engineer starviper
Cobra SCYTHE Screen and Skirmish Yeomanry starviper
Cobra Sentry Trooper Civil Installation Security starviper
Cobra Sentry Trooper Security Guard starviper
Cobra Trooper Cold Weather Gear starviper
Cobra Trooper Winter Environment Gear starviper
Cobra Viper Marines Sergeant Naval Infantry Section Commander starviper
Cobra Viper Marines Warrant Officer Naval Infantry Platoon 2IC starviper
Cobra Viper-Marines Master Corporal Naval Infantry Section 2IC starviper
Cobra Viper-Marines Officer Naval Infantry Platoon Commander starviper
Cobra Warrant Officer Specialists and Platoon 2ICs starviper
Colonel Charles Kayumba African Strongman & Cobra Proxy starviper
Colonel Krieg Commanding Officer 9th Viper Assault Regiment starviper
Colonel Lupus Commanding Officer, 5th Viper Regiment starviper
Colonel Rubicon Cobra Armoured Regiment Commander starviper
Colonel Skelic Commander, 1st Cobra Urban Assault Brigade starviper
Colonel Skewer Commanding Officer, 12th Viper Light Regiment starviper
COVER-Viper Close Protection and Security starviper
Crux CUTLASS RPG Gunner starviper
CSAR-Viper Combat Search & Rescue / Recovery starviper
Dart-Vipers Cobra Deep Operations starviper
Drop-Viper Commander Cobra Pathfinder starviper
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