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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abominable Snowman 50th Anniversary Abominable Snowman OreoBuilder
Action Man Para 50th Anniversary Action Man Para OreoBuilder
Action Man UN Peacekeeper 50th Anniversary Action Man UN Peacekeeper OreoBuilder
Amphibious Adventurer Agent Atoll Mission C Richter
Anton Janus II MARS Chief Geneticist Joeczar
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Arctic Adventurer OreoBuilder
Desert Adventurer 50th Anniversary Desert Adventurer OreoBuilder
Desert Archeology Adventurer 50th Anniversary Secret of the Mummy's Tomb OreoBuilder
Desert Patrol Adventurer 50th Anniversary Desert Patrol Adventurer OreoBuilder
Frankenstein Deathrace 2000 driver Vanishing Point
Intruders 50th Anniversary Intruders OreoBuilder
Jungle Adventurer 50th Anniversary White Tiger Hunt OreoBuilder
Jungle Survival Adventurer 50th Anniversary Jungle Survival Adventurer OreoBuilder
Life-Like Body Adventurer 50th Anniversary Life-Like Body Adventurer OreoBuilder
Logan 5 Sandman fschalk
Man of Action 50th Anniversary Man of Action OreoBuilder
MARS Security Officer Internal Security Forces C Richter
Sea Adventurer 50th Anniversary Shark's Surprise OreoBuilder
Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu Kambei
Spy Adventurer 50th Anniversary Secret Mission To Spy Island OreoBuilder
Steve Austin Bionic Powers drbindy
Steve Austin Bionic Adventures drbindy
The Master of Time Enigmatic Being from the Future! 8bitboy
THX-1138 Android Cop Law Enforcement fschalk
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