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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Breaker Field Communications Vanishing Point
Breaker Communications Darth_Ennis
Breaker Communications OreoBuilder
Breaker OG Communications Expert Robrauder
Clutch VAMP Driver OreoBuilder
Clutch VAMP Driver (Update) Robrauder
Clutch VAMP Driver Robrauder
Cobra Commander Cobra Supreme Leader Robrauder
Cobra Commander Hooded Vanishing Point
Cobra De Aco Laser Trooper fschalk
Cobra Officer Cobra Troop Field Commander Robrauder
Cobra Trooper The Enemy Robrauder
Cobra Vulcan Trooper Heavy Weapons Robrauder
Colonel Hawk G.I.Joe Leader/MMS Operator (Update) Robrauder
Flash Laser Trooper Robrauder
Grand Slam Laser Artillery / Jet Pack Soldier Robrauder
Grunt Infantry Trooper OreoBuilder
Hawk Colonel Pugsley
Hawk Missile Commander / Colonel Robrauder
Hawk G.I.JOE Field Commander Vanishing Point
Hawk GI Joe Commander OreoBuilder
Rick Deckard Bladerunner Robrauder
Rock & Roll Machine gunner Vanishing Point
Rock 'N Roll OG Heavy Machine Gunner Robrauder
Scarlett Counter Intelligence OreoBuilder
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