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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.V.A.C. Firebat Pilot Tunnel Rat
Ace Sky-Striker Pilot Tunnel Rat
Ace XP-14F "Skystriker" Pilot Robrauder
Ace Pilot mshadow
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot Spin Doctor
Ace Pilot MacGyver
Ace Fighter Pilot jldubbya515
Ace Fighter Pilot singsingjohnny
Ace Fighter Pilot y2kor
Ace Mission Briefing Lance Sputnik
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot sgartz
Ace Nighthawk Pilot Fat Tony
Ace Pilot SSgt Groover
Ace Experimental Test Pilot Matthew
Aleron Pilot Instructor Garrey
ASPECT-Viper Forward Air Controller starviper
Barnstormer Fixed Wing Pilot harlie
Big Mac Squadron Leader G.I.JAC
Blackjack Conquest Pilot CDR
Bloodhound Wilderness Search & Rescue Doc Rob
Bombshell Airborne Infantry Mainframe
Bombstrike Forward Air Controller Sgt Humpty
Bombstrike Sea Devils Forward Air Controller Kwinn_Lives
Bombstrike Forward Air Controller Kwinn_Lives
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