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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aligator Loki Variant sgcaper
Baroness Intelligence Officer w/ snake Cobra Commander past nastification
Billy Kelly aka Jaguar American Ninja team Oneforceleader
Blastwave with Sniffy Explosives Expert past nastification
Boris Bushkin with Snowpack Research & Development past nastification
Burt Gummer Graboid killer, Paranoid gunman kramer 70
Bush-Viper Combat Engineer Matthew
Cannibal Girl w/ Ratfink Team Superbeast 2DARK2C
Captain Ahab Moby Dick character kramer 70
Captain Simian Primate Astronaut pluv
Charlie Brown Bringer of good grief pluv
Charlie Brown A boy and his dog alleyviperelite
Chew Toy & Table Scraps Dog Handler & Canine past nastification
Clutch driver/mechanic danielb
Cobra CQB K-9 Unit Close Quarters Combat Boarding Unit 1:12th lmateo002
Coils O'Doom Mercenary past nastification
Coldsnap J.O.E. Team Artic Warfare Specialist narceron
Cringer Battle Cat pluv
Croc Master Re-envisioned beav
Croc Master Cobra Reptile Trainer StevieSNLD
Croc Master Reptile Trainer MUNDO
Croc Master Reptile Trainer Kwinn_Lives
Croc Master Security Chief Frenchie
Croc Master Animal trainer Muskrat
Croc Master Cobra Croc Trainer CALI Viper
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