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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.P.E.S. C.O.P.S. high tech mech suit operator Sizemore77
Ace McCloud Centurions Member Sizemore77
Ace Riker M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Aeon Flux Secret Agent and Assassin DanOfTheDead
Agent Henchman 21 Recruit Leader pluv
Airwave C.O.P.S. Communications Expert Sizemore77
Aleph Night Creeper Commander Kwinn_Lives
Alex Sector M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Ali Bombay M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
April O' Neil Channel 4 News Reporter icecreamman
April O'Neil News Reporter 2DARK2C
April O'Neil Chanel 6 Reporter OreoBuilder
Archer Agent of ISIS pluv
Arena Wrangler Events Coordinator for the Arena of Sport past nastification
Ariel Princess companion of Thundarr Sizemore77
Asami Koizumi Hero Iron Will
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer in Diving Gear Tunnel Rat
Baroness Cobra's Iintelligence Officer NIKOLAI
Baroness Public Relations past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Officer, Early Marvel / Sunbow past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Officer w/ snake Cobra Commander past nastification
Barricade COPS crowd control Sizemore77
Barry Dylan KGB Operative pluv
Batman Dark Knight icecreamman
Beach Head Ranger Robrauder
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