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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Fatso with the Machine Gun" Armed Protester past nastification
Abbey Chase Archeologist icecreamman
Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) Stormtrooper Soldier Scientist joemichaels70
Agent Venom Secret Avenger icecreamman
Agent Zero Mercenary / former government operative Tim 121RVC
Agent Zero Secret Agent icecreamman
Ahmed Tribal Chief in Afghanistan past nastification
Alexander McCullen Destro, Jr. past nastification
Alfred Pennyworth Loyal butler and friend icecreamman
Alley Viper Urban Assult Trooper russdawg
Anderson CIA Liaison past nastification
Angela Warrior Angel icecreamman
April O'Neil News Reporter 2DARK2C
Aquaman Justice League member pluv
Ares God of War Lance Sputnik
Azrael Gotham City Crime Fighter icecreamman
B.A.T. v2 Legless Battle Android Trooper CDR
Ballistic Cybernetic assassin Lance Sputnik
Bane Gotham City Criminal icecreamman
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baroness Intelligence Kwinn_Lives
Baroness Pilot past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Officer, Early Marvel / Sunbow past nastification
Baroness w/ Ravage Crossover Dayspring
Barrel Roll High-Altitude Sniper Kwinn_Lives
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