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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Natalie Poole Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Annihilator Iron Grenadiers Elite Trooper Ian
Back-Stop Dead Eye Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Beach Head Ranger Kwinn_Lives
Black Dragon Spy Organization Warlord Void
Black Dragon Leader of the Black Dragon Organization toy-nutz
Black Dragon Assassin Assassin acmirro
Black Dragon Assault Trooper Black Dragon Soldier toy-nutz
Black Dragon Commander Mercenary; Special Ops joewest
Black Dragon Decimator Heavy Assualt Trooper njmace13
Black Dragon Elite Ninja Cobrasaboteur
Black Dragon Elite Trooper acmirro
Black Dragon Fang Black Dragon Roar Tank Driver toy-nutz
Black Dragon Guard Body Guard acmirro
Black Dragon Insurgent Terrorist Operative njmace13
Black Dragon Leader Ninja Leader john_mounier
Black Dragon Ninja Commando Black Dragon Ninja toy-nutz
Black Dragon Roar Commander Roar Tank Commander toy-nutz
Black Dragon Troop Mercenary; Special Ops joewest
Black Dragon Trooper Infantry Void
Black Ice Arctic Specialist THE Mike
Black Ice Arctic Specialist (Sigma 6) THE Mike
BulletBat Super Adventure Team Member Joeczar
Captain Bristow Night Stalkers Commander past nastification
Chacal Noir Cobra Scavenger LeeMarvin80
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