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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A-Team Soldiers for Hire past nastification
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot sgartz
Ash Outsiders: Transportation joemichaels70
Ash Army of Darkness Hero ibps
Automan Holographic Crime Fighter Robrauder
B.A. Baracus A-Team Mechanical genius Rambo
Bat Snake Ninja Hero Commando ronin
Batman Future's Knight ibps
Batman Crime fighter unknownsoldier13
Black Canary Vigilante Songstress Spin Doctor
Blue Falcon Hero joemichaels70
Bruce Wayne Billionaire and Deeply Disturbed Dude Spin Doctor
Cable Outsiders: Weapons Expert joemichaels70
Captain America Public Relations joemichaels70
Captain America Super Soldier Kilcarr
Captain America Sentienal of Liberty & Justice tigertank
Captain Atom JLI Sharkbait
Captain Marvel (AKA "Shazam") Magical Super Hero Spin Doctor
Christine Sparr Outsiders: Assassin joemichaels70
Clay Loser joemichaels70
Cobra. Marion Cobretti LAPD Supercop Rambo
Col. Fury Outsiders: Leader & Govt. Liaison joemichaels70
Colleen Wing Hero for Hire joemichaels70
Commander Ace Hunter Leader of MegaForce bcost74
Cyclops X-Men Team Leader ibps
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