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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Fatso with the Machine Gun" Armed Protester past nastification
Alekhin Machine Gunner Doc Rob
Alley Viper Elite: Machine Gunner Destruction sgcaper
Animal Mother EXCAL Foot Soldier/Machine Gunner drbindy
B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Tank Support Android Trooper Dusty79
Berto Machine Gunner LIVEVIL
Big Dumb Animal (BDA) EXCAL Foot Soldier drbindy
Black 'n Tan Heavy gunner David Jake
Boomer Heavy Machine Gunner Electric_Knight
Burnout Vehicle Infantry / Heavy Weapons dirtywolf99
Caliber Dreadnok Machine Gunner Tim 121RVC
Clutch Combat Vehicle Driver tan v2 jldubbya515
Clutch Combat Vehicle Driver jldubbya515
Cobra CLAWS Combat Light Armored Weapons Specialist KrushViper
Cobra Machine Gunner Machine Gunner past nastification
Cobra Machine Gunner The Enemy (Squad Support, 30th Style) HissHissFangFang
Cobra Machine Gunner Infantry Fire Support starviper
Cobra Trooper "Bloodface" Infantry Light Machinegun Trooper C Richter
Cool Hand Machine Gunner Tim 121RVC
Cougar Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Doc Rob
Darklon IG Mini-Gunner KrushViper
Doomsday Cobra Heavy machine gunner David Jake
Firefight Heavy Machine Gunner gunzlingr
Freeway Force Recon/Machine Gunner Otto the Otter
Fusillade Machine Gunner Kwinn_Lives
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