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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Backcountry Pararescue The pros from Dover
Backseat Aircrewman/Medic/SAR/Fwd Air Observer Blakwulf
Band-Aid Eagle Force Combat Medic Kwinn_Lives
Beachcomber Sea Devils Navy Corpsman Kwinn_Lives
Big Bro' Combat Medic past nastification
Bloodhound Wilderness Search & Rescue Doc Rob
Bones U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumper The pros from Dover
Bulleit Combat Medic sgcaper
Cobra Officer Field Medic Cobrafirefly84
Crossbones US Navy SEAL Corpsman The pros from Dover
CSAR-Viper Combat Search & Rescue / Recovery starviper
Doc Medic - General Surgeon jldubbya515
Doc Medic punkrock-n-roll
Doc Head Medic DavAnthony
Doc Medic steve2477
Doc Medic MUNDO
Doc Arctic Medic Robrauder
Doc Battlefield Paramedic alleyviperelite
Doc Medic Dusty79
Doc Medic past nastification
Doc Medic OreoBuilder
Doc Z-Force Medic OreoBuilder
Doc Ship's Doctor Lance Sputnik
Doc Medic ibps
DOC Medic buzzerbr
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