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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Blade MP Lance Sputnik
Cobra MP Cobra Military Police a.dream.deferred
Cobra MP Ver. II Cobra Military Police a.dream.deferred
Cuffs Military Police harlie
Joe Guards GI Joe Security Dayspring
KGB Soviet Military Police GI_Pacman
Law Military Police Dog Handler kingphilbert
Law Military Police FireChief420
Law MP raptor
Law mckeehan74 mckeehan
Law Private Investigator Garrey
Law & Order M.P. & K-9 Dayspring
Law & Order Military Police Midgarn
Law & Order MP MUNDO
Lockdown Military Police Doc Rob
Military Police 50th Anniversary MP OreoBuilder
Mutt K-9 SNAKE
Mutt K9 MP Midgarn
Richter Desert Operations Driver Badvibes258
Shade MP Lance Sputnik
Stakeout Security/C.I.D./SWAT Commander Jay
Strong Arm Chief of Cobra's Internal Police beav
Sure Fire M.P. Jay
Surefire D.E.F. Commander russdawg
Swine Cobra's Internal Police Troops beav
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