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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Blackjak EXCAL Pirate, Recruit, Pilot drbindy
Cannonball Dreadnok Pirate Pyre
Captain Addai "Reformed" Pirate drbindy
Captain Ahab Moby Dick character kramer 70
Claire Lerouge Great granddaughter of Redbeard the Pirate bcost74
Davy Jones Mutated Pirate alleyviperelite
Deadwood Dreadnok Pirate Captain alleyviperelite
Doc Fortunato Pirate, EXCAL villain drbindy
Don Karnage Air Pirate Captain DanOfTheDead
First Mate Griffin First Mate to Captain Dougal Cullen sgcaper
Gable Gun Runner David Jake
Imber Ferro Space Pirate drbindy
Kaptain Klaw with Barracuda & The Shark Pirate and his evil parrots past nastification
Kraken Dreadnok Pirate Pyre
Lucky Dreadnok Pirate Crew Pilot alleyviperelite
Mini Mindbender Lab assistant Lance Sputnik
Portia Dreadnok Pirate Crew Diver alleyviperelite
Punjab Dreadnok Pirate Crewman alleyviperelite
Shang-Hai Dreadnok Pirate Bodyguard alleyviperelite
Sloth Goonies movie Hero and childhood friend kramer 70
The Pirate deBraun Pirate, Rogue, Scoundrel... Revolutionary? drbindy
The Telina Rose Revolutionary drbindy
Umanga Dreadnok Pirate Crewman alleyviperelite
Vakks Aqualarian Pirate drbindy
Zanzibar Dreadnok Pirate/Privateer Mr Nobody
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