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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aegis-Viper Assault Engineer Reconnaissance starviper
Altitude/Condor Sky Patrol Recon Vanishing Point
Ambush Concealment Specialist buzzerbr
Cachette French Airborne Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Eclaireur Advance Recon Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Maraudeur Long-Range Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Cobra SCYTHE Screen and Skirmish Yeomanry starviper
Cobra Spook Python Patrol Recon Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Compass Arctic Recon Mainframe
Cool Breeze Marine Force Recon Kwinn_Lives
Doc Reconnaissance Specialist Doc Rob
DRAT Direct Reconaissance Android Trooper Lance Sputnik
Dusty Desert Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Freeway Force Recon/Machine Gunner Otto the Otter
Frontline Reconnaissance ska_lives
Gears Autobot Transport, Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Groundout Scout past nastification
Gung-Ho Sea Devils Marine Recon Kwinn_Lives
Gung-Ho Resolute Marine Force Recon jldubbya515
Gung-Ho Reconnaissance SoaUSMColRet
Mongoose All Terrain Recon Vanishing Point
Otter Recon Marine Otto the Otter
Percival Reconnaissance Ian
POC Cobra Night Vulture Cobra Recon Specialist TR1ER
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