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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
4ND-R01D Protocol Android Mainframe
A.B.A.T. Armored Battle Android Trooper C Urbach
Axel Pressbutton Assassin Kambei
B.A.A.T. 2.1 Exo-Atmospheric Battle Android Tsunami
B.A.H. Battle Android HISS joemichaels70
B.A.T. Security Edition Dusty79
B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Tank Support Android Trooper Dusty79
B.A.T. Combat, version 2 the odinson
B.A.T. Desert Extreme Combat idz bowl
B.A.T. Card art version of battle android trooper the odinson
B.A.T. Battle Android Trooper Robrauder
B.A.T. Battle Damaged Battle Android Trooper sgcaper
B.A.T. Big Andriod Trooper Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
B.A.T. Gen2 Battle Android Trooper pluv
B.A.T. HA Android Trooper FNAadventures
B.A.T. Mk IV Heavy Assault Battle Android Trooper, Heavy Assault Version Doc Rob
B.A.T. Prototype Android Intelligence Sgt.Rican
B.A.T. V1.5 Heavy Weapon Infantry Cobra Command
B.A.T. V1_B B.A.T. Battlefield Commander joemichaels70
B.A.T.buster Battle Android Trooper Heavy Lifting joemichaels70
B.A.T.s B.A.T.tle Damaged ibps
B.A.T.s Flannigan Talk Show Host Sharkbait
B.A.T.T. Battle Android Tank Trooper KrymsynGard666
B.R.A.H.M.A. Battle Android Trooper bucky
BaDonkaGonk Mobile Power Android joemichaels70
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