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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abrams Tank Commander Doc Rob
Armadillo Armor / Tank Driver Midgarn
B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Tank Support Android Trooper Dusty79
Back-Stop Dead Eye Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Beach Head Tiger Force Ranger Whargoul44
Cobra Armoured NCO Tank Crew Leader starviper
Cobra Armoured Trooper Tank Crewman starviper
Cold Front Arctic Tracked Vehicle Driver Midgarn
Cold Front Tank Driver Midgarn
Colonel Rubicon Cobra Armoured Regiment Commander starviper
Cover Girl Armored Vehicles Veronica Mars
Cover Girl Tank Driver Fat Tony
Cover Girl Armor / Tank Driver Midgarn
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver iwbeta
Cover Girl Wolverine Operator, Intelligence Agent husker85
Cover Girl Tracked Vehicle Warrant Officer Midgarn
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert Veronica Mars
Covergirl Armored Vehicle Expert Poody2
Cross Country Heavy Transportation Specialist Midgarn
Desert H.I.S.S. Driver Desert Infantry dubq
Diesel Patriot Grizzly Tank Commander pluv
Firefly Demolitions and Explosivies Aca1raven2002
Frostback Trooper H.A.T.E. Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Goosebump Night Blaster Driver Mainframe
Gunner Tank Commander Grand Slam
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