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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Mjolnir's Fall!" Asgardian Relic The Spectre
"The Altar Of Bah-Nurr!" Gamma Radiating Danger From Space! The Spectre
AIM Lab - SHIELD Assemble! SHIELD Shoebox Diorama joemichaels70
Cobra Command Compound From the upcoming Darkness Falls Dio-Story General Hawk
Cobra Temple Cobra Temple kramer 70
Coffee for Two Redux Custom Diorama Lord Bodega
Correctional Facility Correctional Facility Photo Backdrop Dusty79
Dreadnok Outback Dreadnok Rendezvous joemichaels70
HYDRA Lab - Invaders Assemble! Invaders "Shoebox" Diorama joemichaels70
Plants vs Toxo-Zombie (& Vipers!) G.I.Joe Recreational Amusement Mainframe
Primitive Sacrificial Altar Sacrifice For The Dark Ones! The Spectre
Sniper Alley Woodlands sniper diorama eesa
Spark Distribution Center (Broca Beach) Run down building to sell Spark/ hideout Figureware
Stark Industries Hall of Armor Invasion of the Bad Guys joemichaels70
Stark's Garage Iron Man Armor machine work drbindy
The Cobra Command Center COBRA Command Diorama | Custom Figure Wars KennY
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